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Our goals are to furnish the commercial and residential sectors with quality, long lasting and well-engineered solar solutions.

Experts in Solar Power Solutions

Green energy

Available Solar Solutions

Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems

These are most popular systems. They are cost effective and provide energy through a combination of solar, battery and the grid.

Hybrid systems

Grid Tied solutions

Mostly used in environments where most consumption is used during daytime, for example, offices, factories etc. 

backup and energy dock

backup and Energy Dock

Our range of UPS systems are designed with the user in mind. We offer from a 500VA inverter all the way up to 5kVA, batteries

Off grid solar power solutions

Off grid systems

No other means of electricity supply. This system is completely autonomous from the grid. It generally  requires large batteries for energy storage.

Grid Tied solutions

DC Stand Alone systems (Rainbow range)

Designed for users without any electricity connection, who require some lights, Cell phone charging, TV, radio, a notebooks. Some of these systems


Solar pumps

Designed to provide water when electricity is not available.


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