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Why Solar is worth it …
The benefits of installing Solar power in your home and business are numerous and significant. Solar energy solutions are durable, easy to maintain, and silent so it won’t disturb your daily lives and operations. Renewable energy is environmentally friendly with zero-emissions; and don’t worry about rainy days, our systems can store energy in batteries for use when the sun isn’t shining. Think of solar power as an investment, as the long-term savings will be considerable!

Our specialised solutions for you …
Approved Solar provides turnkey renewable energy solutions to the residential commercial and agricultural sectors throughout Gauteng and surrounding areas. We have a range of options that we can tailor to your individual and specific needs. Whether you want to go completely off the grid, or use a hybrid system that  draws power from solar, battery and the grid, we have the solution for you. Take a look at the solutions that we offer and contact us for a free evaluation today. Our strength is in offering quality products and exemplary service to all our  clients.

More about us …
Approved Solar was registered in 2019, and the directors of the company are Leon Besaans and Barry Maselle. We are proud Associate partners of Specialised Solar Systems from George and represent them from a design, sales and installation perspective. We only supply our customers with proven, solar generation systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. With precision measurement, data processing and algorithms as well as cutting-edge communication technologies, we provide user-friendly solar installations so every family and Business can enjoy the beauty and efficiency of technological advancement.

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Available Solar Solutions

Solar Energy

Hybrid systems

These are most popular systems. They are cost effective and provide energy through a combination of solar, battery and the grid.

Hybrid systems

Grid Tied solutions

Mostly used in environments where most consumption is used during daytime, for example, offices, factories etc. 

Approved Solar

backup and Energy Dock

Our range of UPS systems are designed with the user in mind. We offer from a 500VA inverter all the way up to 5kVA, batteries

Off grid solar power solutions

Off grid systems

No other means of electricity supply. This system is completely autonomous from the grid. It generally  requires large batteries for energy storage.

Grid Tied solutions

DC Stand Alone systems (Rainbow range)

Designed for users without any electricity connection, who require some lights, Cell phone charging, TV, radio, a notebooks. Some of these systems


Solar pumps

Designed to provide water when electricity is not available.