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Hybrid systems

  • These are most popular systems. They are cost effective and provide energy through a combination of solar, battery and the grid.
  • Hybrid systems can be implemented in either single or 3 phase configurations.
  • Over time, we have learned that a typical household users consume approx. 40% of daily energy needs while the sun is shining and the balance when the sun is not shining. Below is a typical household user with a hypothetical solar curve superimposed onto the consumption curve.
  • Typical users are households, smaller offices, that also require battery backup for load shedding purposes. The 2 scenarios require different design criteria.
  • We pre-build all our Hybrid solutions onto a backboard and pretest all the hardware before commencing  the on site installation. 

Typical Single Phase System

Solar solution

Typical 3 Phase System

3 Phase Solar Power System
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