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Backup Systems and Energy Dock Range

  • For clients requiring back up for load shedding or any other reason, we offer a range of products in varying sizes, designed around your consumption and the amount of back up hours needed.
  • Our Energy Dock range is designed with the user in mind. We offer solutions from 500VA invertors all the way up to 5kVA invertors with batteries ranging from 1,28kWhr all the way up to 10kWhr. Our batteries are proudly locally manufactured and use the latest LifeP04 (LithiumIon) technology. All systems carry a 5 year no nonsense guarantee.
  • All back up and Energy Dock systems are easily upgraded to full Solar Solutions.

Download Technical specs of the Energy Docks

Backup System

Backup System & Energy Docks

Energy Dock

Energy Docks
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