Off grid systems

100% off the grid

  • No other means of electricity supply. This system is completely autonomous from the grid. It generally  requires large batteries for energy storage.
  • System design becomes crucial, and a comprehensive understanding of the clients consumption pattern is required. Our philosophy is to design a system with a minimun of 48 hours of battery supply, with the appropriate number of panels to drive such a large load. Inverter sizing also becomes a much more important consideration. A comprehensive design that cover all the factors could take up to a month to collate. 
  • Typical users of off grid systems are, farmers, rural dwellings and game lodges, where a Grid connection is not possible, or to acquire an electrical connection costs more than a solar system.

Mostly off Grid

  • This system is the same as above, but user maintains a connection to Eskom or their current electricity provider and installs a generator as backup for those continues days of overcast weather.
  • The design parameters for such a system is less crucial as you always have the luxury of falling back to the grid, or turning on your generator. Nevertheless, due diligence in designing such a system must be followed for satisfactory results. Design philosophy is 24hrs autonomy from battery.
  • Typical users are those who have very erratic energy supply from grid, or those that wish to be as far removed from the grid as possible.


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